At Forbidden City...

We proudly serve authentic Chinese cuisine. In fact, our Chef du Cuisine, Want Xizo Xin is from Beijin along with his four assistants. Xiao Xin graduated from an elite special tutorage taught by the National Chef of China to only nine students from all of China. He is the only esteemed graduate to live outside mainland China. Our Sushi Chef, Endo is from Tokyo and worked at famous Sushi Bars in Tokyo for over twenty years.
Our food is fresh, authentic and extraordinary and our service is impeccable. Chris Henning and Jack Kerrighan our managers both come from illustrious careers and are renowned for their creativity and commitment to excellence in the world of fine dining and service.

“The Forbidden City Restaurant’s ambiance parallels our menus as it adds to the total dining experience. We spent two and one half months in China in nine separate cities and worked with over 100 craftsmen, artisans and artists to create a genuine fung shui museum quality dining experience. We shipped sixty six tons of custom hand crafted artifacts in three forty-foot containers to adorn 7,000 square feet of phenomena”, says GaoYan.

“Overall a really cool venue, friendly staff, and great music if you’re into good live music.”

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